PRIZE FUND Group I: 1st prize 750 BGN, 2nd prize 500 BGN, 3rd prize 250 BGN, Group II:1st prize 1000 BGN, 800 BGN, 3rd prize 600 BGN, Group III:1st prize 3000 BGN, 2nd prize 2000 BGN, 3rd prize 1000 BGN, Group IV: 1st prize 5000 BGN, 2nd prize 4000 BGN, 3rd prize 3000 BGN, Special Prizes:Special Prize of the European Union of Music Competitions for Youth – EMCY for an exceptional performance. Special Prize of the Sofia Philharmonic for brightest performance amongst the First prize winners – a Concert with the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra. Special Prize of Cantus Firmus for the best Bulgarian participant – a Concert with the Youth Orchestra of Classic FM.


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The draw of ballot which will determines the order in which competitors will perform ahead of th thirteenth edition of the International Competition "Young Virtuosos "2017 will take place at the
"Petko Naumov" Concert Hall at 2.00 p.m. on March 30, 2017.

The Organizing Committee of the International competition "Young virtuosos” and the "Young virtuosos” Foundation are proud to announce its 2017 edition in the categories Violin, Violoncello, Flute and Clarinet. The competition will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, at the "Bulgaria" Concert Hall and the Concert Hall of the National School of Music "Lubomir Pipkov", from 30 March to 8 of April 2017.

The International competition "Young virtuosos” is open to young performers, from throughout the world. The competition provides new opportunities to compete and communicate with their peers, to explore and exchange original ideas, to interpret classical and contemporary music, to present their talent to eminent musicians who have proven themselves on the global music scene. The agenda of the International competition "Young virtuosos” also includes a number of artistic meetings, a workshop, an “Academy of Mastery”, as well as concert performances by renowned musicians.

The first edition of the International competition “Young Virtuosos“ took place in 2004, when Milka Miteva suggested it as a way to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the National School of Music "Lyubomir Pipkov”. The competition is organized annually with the exclusive support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation..

Since 2013 the Competition is member of the European Union of Music Competitions for Youth - EMCY.

In honor of the Bulgarian musical heritage, part of the categories bear the names of some of the most prominent Bulgarian musicians and educators such as Professor. Liuba Encheva, prof. Georgi Badev, prof. Sava Dimitrov, prof. Kyril Karel Stary, and Professor Dr. Dobri Paliev.

With a special decision of the organizers since 2017 the violin contest will bear the name of the famous Bulgarian violinist prof. Georgi Badev and the clarinet contest on the name of prof. Sava Dimitrov.

Download the Thirteenth International Competition "Young Virtuosos 2017" Regulations

Download the Thirteenth International Competition "Young Virtuosos 2017" Application Form - Word

Organisational Committee
Milka Miteva
Chairman, Artistic Director of the Competition
Prof. Milena Mollova - pianist
Stolina Dobreva Ph.D. – Ass. Director, Ani Paleva, Marina Savova

INTERNATIONAL JURY VIOLIN: Prof. Zakhar Bron - Russia, Prof. Leonid Kerbel - Belgium/Ukraine, Prof. Svetlin Roussev - Bulgaria, Prof. Dora Schwarzberg - Austria, Prof. Verka Stefanova - Bulgaria; VIOLONCELLO: Prof. Xavier Gagnepain - France, Prof. Romain Garioud - France, Prof. Anatoli Krastev - Bulgaria, Prof. Stefan Popov - Bulgaria, Prof. Troels Svane - Germany; FLUTE: Prof. Berten D'Hollander - Belgium, Prof. Ljubisa Jovanovic - Serbia, Prof. Luisa Sello - Italy, Prof. Georgi Spassov - Bulgaria, Prof. Ayla Uludere - Turkey; CLARINET: Prof. Sava Dimitrov - Bulgaria, Prof. Ljubisa Jovanovic - Serbia, Prof. Ebru Mine Sonakin - Turkey, Prof. Piero Vincenti - Italy, Prof. Bobby Yotzov - Bulgaria